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  • Writer's pictureJessica Gradel,DC,MS,L.Ac

I tried Floating.

Floating in an isolation tank may sound intimidating so I wanted to share my experience to shed some light on this trending form of self care.

First what is Floating Therapy?

Floating Therapy is a form of aqua therapy where you can float in about a foot of highly concentrated salt water ( similar to the dead sea) and is generally done in an isolation tank to limit sensory input.

While you float the atmosphere is quiet, so quiet that many report being able to hear their own heart beats. Now if you're thinking about the James Bond movies where this was used as a form of torture, rest assured that in short durations the experience is not torturous and in fact can be very calming and relaxing.

Floating has been shown to reduce Cortisol Levels which is key to maintaining a healthy metabolism and hormone regulation. It has also been shown help induce states of deep meditation by promoting Theta Wave brain activity. The highly concentrated salt water is great for the skin and the salty air is beneficial to the lungs. Being able to float effortlessly also can alleviate sore muscles and joint pain.

Needless to say there are quite a few benefits to floating.

My experience was wonderful and relaxing but if you are Claustrophobic in anyway this may not be for you.

Depending on the set up of the floating location the tanks can feel small, also since you can choose to float in complete darkness disorientation can also occur.

Sensory isolation means you don't hear outside sounds, you can not see, and since you are in water that will be close to your skin's temperature you may even forget that you are in water, making it harder to discern your orientation in space. Which is great if you are familiar with mediation and are comfortable with silence, but no so great if you are prone to vertigo.

FEAR NOT , if this doesn't sound like something you would enjoy most spas will have lighted tanks and built in sound systems that you are able to keep on during your float.

Personally I used the time floating to decompress and enjoy the near silence just as much as I would enjoy going on a solo hike in the woods, being able to find a slice of silence in a very noisy and fast pace world is priceless for an introvert. Inside the float tank time seems to slow down as you reach a point of "wakeful rest".

If you have questions about my experience floating feel free to ask, however if you want more information on the studies and science behind floating I recommend speaking with your local float center specialist.

Thank you SuKhino Float Center for a wonderfully relaxing float

Find out more at

Thank you to my better half for gifting us a very chill and relaxing evening of floating.


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