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Providing healthcare designed to meet your specific needs. 

During the New Patient visit we will review your wellness goals, medical history, perform a problem-focused physical exam, and have a discussion about your treatment options and in most cases treatment can be rendered the same day. If you'd like to learn more about the services provided at StoneWater please refer to the list below. 

Did you know adding corrective exercises and integrative therapies has been proven to improve patient outcomes?  By addressing movement imbalances that are often a contributing factor to pain and injury we are able to speed up recovery, reduce the likelihood of re-injury, help you reclaim your health, and re-imagine your performance.

Doctor's Desk

Evaluation and Management

New Patient $125-175 prices based on the complexity of health history and clinical picture. Established Patient with a new condition or complaint $75-150

Every treatment plan begins with identifying the cause of your unwanted symptoms and to access your current overall condition. Dr. Gradel is a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist that has been trained to diagnose and manage a variety of ailments and illnesses, specifically those of a neuromusculoskeletal nature.  Physical Evaluations will include various tests including neurologic, movement, and orthopedic screens, and a review of your current health history. During your evaluation, it may be determined that further testing or referral is needed to properly identify and manage your condition, but more often we can start treatment and provide you a plan to get you on your path to wellness. 

Pelvic X-Ray

Diagnostic Testing

Price varies based on testing recommendations

Chiropractors are able to order and read various diagnostic tests from blood work to MRIs. Sometimes these tests are necessary to determine conditions and make proper referrals. We work with local Imaging facilities, Labs, and Physicians to ensure that you have access to the test that helps guide treatment. We do not provide imaging or lab draws in the office currently. 



$70 for the first 30 minutes and $40 for each additional 15 minutes after. 

Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points on the body, by insertion of very fine, sterile-needles to elicit a predictable physiological response to prompt healing and restore health to a patient. This stimulus may also be administered to the points using mild electrical stimulation (with or without needles), pressure techniques with the hands (acupressure), or the application of heat by various methods. During your appointment I will use pulse and tongue diagnosis to determine the treatment points for that session. 


Spinal Manipulation Therapy

1-2 spinal regions $45|3-4 spinal regions $50|5+ spinal regions $55|Extremities $10

Spinal manipulation is used to restore joint mobility by manually applying a controlled force into joints that have become restricted in their movement. Manipulation, of the affected joint(s) and tissues, restores mobility, thereby alleviating pain and muscle tightness, and allows tissues to heal properly. With Mckenzie Diagnosis and Therapy principles we can determine the direction and the amount of force needed to safely manipulate joints and help determine which exercises would benefit you the most. 

Physical Therapy

Therapeutic Exercise and Activites

$40 per 15-minute time unit 

Therapeutic Exercises will be done in-office to reduce pain, correct muscle firing patterns, and promote functional movement. Mckenzie Techniques are used in the acute stage to reduce pain. Once the pain is under control we move to correct the root of the problem.  When you are unable to move properly you but unnecessary strain your body which overtime or in the right condition can lead to increased pain and injury. By re-training the body to move properly we can prevent injury and reduce pain effectively.  

To put it bluntly, if you move well, you feel even better. 

Herbal Medicine

Lifestyle Counseling 

$40 per 15 minute time unit

Lifestyle choices are the foundation of your health. From choosing the right foods, herbs, and supplements to help meet your specific nutritional needs, to selecting the right exercise routines necessary to maintain your ability to keep you in tip-top shape, or the techniques you use to manage your stress and emotions during a hectic day, Dr. Gradel through her study of both Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you formulate a plan to balance the interrelationship between your mind and body to reach your goal of optimal wellness. 

Acupuncture Session


$30 per 15 minute time unit

Moxibustion is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that involves the burning of mugwort, a small, spongy herb, to promote healing with acupuncture. The purpose of moxibustion, as with most forms of traditional Chinese medicine, is to strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of qi, and maintain general health. It has been shown to alleviate symptoms of arthritis, indigestion, and aid in correcting breech presentation prior to labor. 

Child Physiotherapy

Therapuetic Kinesology Taping

$40 per session which includes the cost of tape and you will be able to take home 

the remaining portion of the roll for use at home. 

This specialized Tape alleviates discomfort and facilitates lymphatic drainage by microscopically lifting the skin. This lifting effect forms convolutions in the skin thus increasing interstitial space and allowing for a decrease in inflammation, reducing pressure while enabling a more effective flow of blood and lymphatic fluid in and out of the target area. It can also be used to facilitate muscles by providing biofeedback from the area that is taped. Many Athletes use this form of taping to improve performance and reduce recovery times.

Sports massage on leg

Manual Therapy

$40 per 15-minute time unit

Manual therapy is a collection of techniques that utilizes a clinical hand to help break down adhesions (micro-scarring) in soft tissue.  Manual therapy improves blood flow to the area to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and is often used to alleviate " knots", Myofascial trigger points, and increased muscle tension.  There are various manual techniques that can be used to "release" muscle tension and reset muscle tone. 

Shoulder Massage

Tui Na (Traditional Manual Therapy Technique)

$40 per 15-minute time unit 

Tui Na, or tuina, is a therapeutic form of manual therapy and has been used in China for more than 5,000 years. Defined as “the ancient healing art of fingers and strength,” the literal translation of " push-pull " tui na (pronounced “twee nah”) has been gaining international attention for its safe and effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions. Tui Na manual therapy can help people of all ages, from infancy to old age.

GrastonTechnique_shoulder-treat (1).jpg

Instrument Assisted Manual Therapy (IAMT)

$40 per 15-minute time unit 

Instrument assisted manual therapy uses various techniques that utilize a tool to help break down adhesions (micro-scarring) in soft tissue that is deeper than the clinician can effectively treat by hand.  These techniques improve the blood flow to the area of treatment to promote healing and reduce inflammation. 

Cupping Treatment

Fire Cupping (Traditional IAMT Technique) 

$40 per 15-minute time unit

Fire cupping is a widely used traditional form of therapy used to increase circulation to an area and break up scar tissue restricting motion resulting in pain by using fire to create a vacuum in a glass cup that is placed on the skin. Lifting and separating the myofascial layers.  Traditionally Fire Cupping was used to move Qi and help balance the humors of the body. Today we may use other forms of cupping to achieve similar effects.

gua sha.jpg

Gua Sha (Traditional IAMT Technique) 

$40 per 15-minute time unit 

Gua sha (Chinese: 刮痧) is a Traditional Chinese Medical treatment in which the skin is scraped to produce light petechiae ( bruising ). Practitioners believe that gua sha releases unhealthy bodily matter from blood stasis within sore, tired, stiff, or injured muscle areas to stimulate new oxygenated blood flow to the areas, thus promoting metabolic cell repair, regeneration, healing, and recovery.

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