Our Green Promise

We take our environmental impact seriously!

Our office is active in reducing our Carbon Footprint

We use LED lighting and turn off lights in rooms that are not in use  to reduce our electrical usage

We are moving towards being a paperless office. All forms can be completed online, and if paper forms are preferred we use laminated sheets that can be scanned, cleaned, and reused. 

We prefer using locally sourced goods whenever possible to reduce shipping waste and promote local small businesses.

We try to use organic, recycled, and reclaimed goods when possible.

We support The Green Initiative

Teachers taking a stand for a greener tomorrow!

Their Mission Is:

To provide schools with the tools, training and ongoing support they need to create a “culture of conservation” and natural resource stewardship within their community.

Their Goals Are::

To conserve and protect natural resources for future generations, and to protect human health through environmental stewardship.

Their Vision Is:

A world where natural resources are equitably available, and all children are healthier as a result of living the principles of the Go Green Initiative.