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If you need more information, have questions, or would like to offer a suggestion, you can get in touch anytime by phone.



812 - 590 - 1584


509 - 463 - 1384

Be advised that construction continues on Main Street. 

The nearest New Albany City Parking lots are located one block North on Bank Street at the Farmer's Market Square, South down the hill on Bank Street along the riverfront, and

behind the New Albany Underground Station Store Fronts. There is an ADA-compliant ramp from the rear parking area between City Hall and Coffee Crossing. 

Currently, there is a tamped-down stone pathway acting as the sidewalk as construction continues if you have questions about accessibility please contact the office. We are doing our best to work with construction crews and the city as they renovate our block.

We are not responsible for the condition of the current sidewalks or roadways. 

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