We are currently seeing patients by appointment only and are not accepting walk-in appointments at this time

Appointments Available : 

First Appointment at 9:00 am

Last Appointment at 5:30 pm

Monday through Friday

Starting January 2021

First Appointment at 8:00 am 

Last Appointment at 5:30 pm 

Tuesday- Thursday

with alternating Mondays and Fridays



If you would like to refer a patient please fill out the below form and fax it to


If you need more information, have questions, or would like to offer a suggestion, you can get in touch anytime.

  • Office :

    • 812 - 590 - 1584

  • Fax :           

    • 509 - 463 - 1384

  • Dr.Gradel :

    • 502 - 694 - 3870

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During construction, there will be a temporary drop off /pick up zone in front of our office for those with mobility limitations.  

Free street parking available daily on E.Main Street in front of our office. The nearest New Albany City Parking lots are located one block North on Bank Street at the farmer's market square and South down a hill on Bank Street along the River Front

behind the New Albany Underground Station Store Fronts.