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Fire Cupping : Is it Right for You

Understanding the uses and contraindications of Fire Cupping

Fire Cupping
Fire Cupping : Is it Right for You

Fire Cupping is an ancient practice that has been used my many different people's, though many associate fire cupping with Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

“Fire Cupping is Traditionaly used in Oriental Medicine to Move Qi and Blood"

In Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) Fire Cupping is used to move Qi and Blood to resolve stagnation with in the meridians. " Where there is stagnation there is pain" is a common concept with in TCM. Think of a bruise. The blood vessels are broken and blood leaches into the tissues causing pain and the discoloration classic of a bruise. Large bruises can form a Hemotoma with in the tissues. Both are very visible and common manifestations of this principle.

So How Does Fire Cupping promote movement of Qi and Blood?

Fire is used to create a vacuum within glass cups, by burning off the oxygen with in the cup. When the cup is placed in an area of pain it sucks the tissue upward and separates the layers of tissue underneath. If the cup is left stationary you will see color changes as the blood starts to enter the tissues and accumulate. When the glass cups are removed the blood drains quickly from the tissue similar to open and closing a sink drain, essentially flushing the tissues with blood. Many people have different coloration and responses to cupping on a superficial level which indicates different conditions with in TCM.

Is Cupping Safe

“Cupping is a safe and effective treatment of most

Because Cupping does effect blood flow there are certain areas of the body were cupping is not appropriate, as well as health conditions that limit if cupping is a suitable therapeutic option. Conditions such as a clotting disorder that isn't managed well, history of Deep Vein Thrombosis, have blood pressure issues, may indicate that you have an increase risk of adverse reactions such as severe bruising or fainting, and cupping is not a suitable treatment, but your healthcare provider that is trained in fire cupping will be able to determine If Fire cupping is right for you.

If You Have Questions Feel Free To Ask

Fire Cupping is a great treatment option that many athletes are utilizing to reduce recovery time after competing ( remember the Olympics!), if you have Questions feel free to contact me or comment below.


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