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Dr.Gradel's Favorite Things

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Gifts that promote a healthy state of mind, body, and spirit.

1. Natural Deodorant and Skin Care Products.

Bye Bye conventional deodorant full of questionable chemicals and endocrine disruptors. This can make a great stocking stuffer or small gift for a friend!

My favorite brand is Primal Pit Paste…the Lemon Grass is to die for…trust me! If you’re trying it for the first time, use promo code: OPTIMAL for 15% off! Sensitive to baking soda? They have baking soda free formulas, too! OR you could just hop over to Seeds and Greens and check out the various all natural lines of products they carry and have any questions you may have answered before you buy.

2. Locally Raised and Butchered from 3D Valley Farm and Beef

3D Valley Farm and Beef in DePauw, In is my local go to for Certified Organic Angus Beef and Farm Fresh Eggs. They can be found locally at various farmer's markets including New Albany's Farmers Market . You can even visit their website to purchase bundles they make great gifts.

3. One of a Kind Local Artisans Gifts

New Albany and Louisville have some serious small businesses focused on showcasing local talent. One of my personal favorite stops is at True North. From hand carved home decor to Goat Milk Soaps. . Check out Copper Moon Gallery for some truly eccentric finds. Not only do you get to treat someone to artisan quality gifts but you are also supporting local small business.

4. Olive Oil and Evoo

The health benefits from olive oil are endless and finding a local artisan shop with handcrafted Evoo, local olive oil soaps and lotions is like finding a diamond in the rough right here in New Albany, oddly enough right next to True North. If you stop by The Olivet don't forget to treat yourself to their handcrafted hot chocolate.

5. Breathe Easy

Relaxing in the glow of 5 tons of the Earth’s purest and unpolluted Himalayan salt helps ease the mind as well as promote healing.

Sorry you have to cross the river for this one but if you'd rather try something a tad more local we have the Sukhino Float Center that offers an equally relaxing and salty experience


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