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  • Writer's pictureJessica Gradel,DC,MS,L.Ac

Neti Pot Safety Alert

The Neti Pot is a popular wellness tool used in the Ohio Valley Region to combat nasal congestion, sinus irritation, and seasonal allergy. It isn't uncommon for patients come in with sinus congestion and report that they have used a Neti Pot from time to time, however when I asked the follow up question about safe use nearly 80% of the time they are using the neti pots incorrectly and possibly causing more harm to themselves then good.

Sterile Water Always

Tap water is not safe to use because it can cause serious irritation to the nasal passages and infections.

In rare cases normally harmless amoeba can enter the brain through the nasal mucosa and blood vessels which can lead to death.

Too Much of a Good thing

Water can be irritating to the delicate nasal mucosa. Using the Neti pot daily may be causing more harm than good due to disrupting our natural biofilms from protecting us from infection and by drying the nasal mucosa out causing bleeding, leaving the damage tissues more susceptible to infection.

Clean Between Every Use and Store Properly

Storage and cleaning a Neti Pot is very important. If you have a dirty neti pot you are potentially adding harmful allergens, bacteria, and fungi into you nasal passages instead of cleaning them out. You may have started out with nasal congestion but with improper use you can cause a fungal sinus infection which are often hard to treat.

Closing remarks

Neti pots when used correctly can be greatly beneficial for relieving nasal congestion. It is important to follow each manufacturers use, cleaning, and storage instructions.

For more information about using neti pots please feel free to check out the FDA recommendation and statement regarding Neti Pot use by following the link below


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