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Find Your Path to Better Health
Through  Balance
Seamlessly Blending Western Chiropractic Approaches with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Providing Our Community Affordable Evidence Informed Complementary and Alternative Medical Care 

You don't have to wade through the unnecessary hassles of insurance plans. 


No Co-pays, No Deductibles, No Surprises

This is done by utilizing an innovative healthcare model that is becoming increasingly popular in the United States called Direct Primary Care (DPC). By not accepting insurance we are cutting out the high administrative cost and time submitting and chasing down claims common with traditional insurance-based practice, time and resources can be spent with patients​​. 

Visits will be longer, your wait times will be significantly shorter and you will leave happier in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Heal Better, Feel Better and Live Life on Your Terms!


Chiropractic Care

Functional Movement


Wellness Coaching

More than just pain relief.

Join the millions of Americans that are finding relief from pain, stress, and illness through actively engaging in mindful practices, exercise, and alternate forms of healthcare such as Acupuncture and Chiropractic to restore balance in their lives   

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