Quality Care form the Comfort of Your Home

Covid19 has changed our lives drastically however aches, pains, and injuries still occur and should be evaluated to prevent chronic pain and loss of function. 

How it works:

1: Schedule an appointment online or by calling our office.


2: If you are a new patient you will be sent an email with our initial intake forms and consents to be completed prior to your appointment time. (no printing needed) 


3: Within 10 minutes of your appointment you will receive an email invite to your telehealth appointment. The email will give you the instructions to join Dr.Gradel in her virtual office. 

During your appointment, Dr. Gradel will be able to see how you are moving and evaluate the severity of your concern, determine if you may respond to targeted home exercises and other self-care practices at home to alleviate symptoms and treat your condition. She may also determine that you may require further referral for advanced imaging, or referral to another provider such as a neurologist, gastroenterologist and so forth. 


Take Ownership of 

Your Recovery :

StoneWater gives you the information and guidance needed to take ownership of your recovery and become an advocate of your own wellness moving forward. We can help you evaluate your nutritional choices based on Traditional Chinese Medical Practices, your work-life balance, along with a host of lifestyle advice that can contribute to long-lasting results and a healthier lifestyle overall. 

An Ounce of Prevention

is Worth a Pound of the


Many patients find that wellness visits can help reduce the incidence of acute injuries, and illness by re-enforcing healthy habits, improving movement patterns, reducing feelings of stress, and providing time to ask questions they may have about minor health concerns before they become major health concerns.   We are here to help you stay motivated and moving towards your wellness goals.