Hi My Name is Moose,

My name is Moose. I am a "Silver" Labrador Retriever. You may see me in the office time from time to time. I am a newer member of the StoneWater Family and am being socialized in a clinic setting in hopes of becoming a Therapy Dog.


I just turned 1, which means I am still a Puppy at heart even if I look Mature.  

Most of my time is spent at home playing outside and visiting my friends at the Dog Park, but I will also continue to make appearances at the office from time to time as my schedule permits. 


When Moose is In the Office

Moose will be kept in his own gated area away from treatment rooms and the general flow of traffic. A HEPA filter will be placed outside of his area to reduce any pet dander in the office. He will not be in daily at this time because of his young age but may make more appearances as he matures. He has undergone obedience training and will undergo further training to become a certified therapy dog with AKC recognition if he proves to have the temperament for the job. 


Interacting with Moose is encouraged if you are comfortable with large dogs and with the understanding that he is very much a young dog/ puppy. Interacting with him is done so at your own risk as he is likely to be "mouthy" at times, jump, scratch, and do other behaviors that are normal at his age. These behaviors are being discouraged as he is learning his manners and proper office etiquette. 

If you have questions about Moose being in the office please feel free to contact us at any time.