Healthcare Without The Middle Man 
The Direct Primary Care Model

Insurance Companies have increased deductible responsibilities, increased premiums, and at the same time have made it an uphill struggle for providers to receive payment resulting in unfounded overhead cost forcing most doctors,therapist and other healthcare providers into seeing 50 or more patients per day to keep the lights on. This diminishes the quality of care and often causes providers to "burn-out".  This system is unfair to patients and providers. In response to this a more and more providers are returning to a simpler  healthcare model where doctors have taken back control of their offices ; where patients are seen longer, receive the care they deserve, and providers are compensated for their efforts fairly, without insurance companies acting as the middle man artificially inflating cost. 

What if I have Chiropractic or Acupuncture Coverage with My Current Health Insurance Carrier?

StoneWater Acupuncture & Chiropractic will provide what the insurance industry call "Super-bills" that can be submitted directly by patients to their insurance companies for reimbursement of covered services. StoneWater Acupuncture & Chiropractic does not guarantee claims will be reimbursed by insurers. Insurance companies most often will only pay for treatment that is considered medically necessary thus elective maintenance care will most often not be covered.  If you have questions please feel free to contact the office .

Traditional Medicare

StoneWater does Accept Traditional Medicare as a participating member. Traditional Medicare only covers chiropractic manipulations/adjustments during an active treatment plan. Other services performed during treatment may be covered under a supplemental plan.  Traditional Medicare and most supplemental plans do not cover wellness visits or maintenance care this type of care is considered elective. You must present both cards at time of your appointment. 

Simplicity Works

Billing transparency is a core value at StoneWater.


Payment is due at time of service

Payment Options Include: 

Treatment Packages

Traditional Medicare



All Major Credit Cards 

Personal Checks 

Bounced Checks will result in a $20 fee and possible prosecution under the Indiana Code Title 35. Criminal Law and Procedure § 35-43-5-5. 

You will be given a "superbill"  that you can self submit to your insurance companies for possible reimbursement for active care if paid per service.

If you have any questions about payment or billing please contact the office.